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IT Operations are intended to achieve and maintain the business objectives of an organization.  Operational 9's are critical for the success of the Enterprise to allow the business to execute and operate efficiently and reliably.

9op IT Solutions helps organizations meet these objectives by aligning business objectives with leading technology for infrastructure, operations, and management. 

Operational 9's applies to many areas such as security, compliance, availability, uptime, performance, return on investment, and supportability.  These are key areas that most organizations can benefit by properly defining and focusing on the right objectives.  This is where we shine.

  9op Professionals bring a wide variety of skills to help guide organizations down the right path.  Whether you are assessing your current environment for improvements, planning a significant change, or improving the support of your current environment, we can help you execute your plans.

·         Availability and Continuity Planning

·         Business IT Objectives Planning

·         Enterprise Architect

·         Infrastructure Optimization

·         IT Resource and Cost Optimization

·         Next Generation Architecture planning

·         Outsourcing and staff augmentation

·         Project Management and Execution

·         Security Assessment and Remediation

·         Shadow CIO

·         Strategic Planning

·         Virtualization

  Many industries have special requirements beyond the baseline network.  These requirements are often driven by security requirements, distributed infrastructures, specialized applications, and many other needs.

9op can work with your organization to design the right solution, and follow though the acquisition and implementation phases for a successful project.

9op differs from your typical reseller that is first interested in what product is needed or can be added, but focuses on the business objectives and the most effective solution to meet that requirement.  We don't sell products directly so we can truly be neutral and act in your best interest.  We have many years of experience working with vendors and have many vendor relationships, so if products are needed we can help you evaluate to determine the best solution and help you acquire the products at the best price.
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Welcome to 9op.

Welcome to 9op IT Solutions!  We are here to help your organization achieve and support business objectives through effective IT solutions.  Our ambition is to earn a place as your trusted advisor to improve your IT operations in a way that helps improve your business and control costs. 

What We Do

9op is a consulting organization focused on aligning and improving IT operations to meet the business objectives of organizations.  9op refers to "Operational 9's" which simply means achieving the highest levels of performance for the IT infrastructure, often measured by how well it meets business objectives, reliability, security, compliance, operations, return on investment, and management.

Often IT organizations evolve to be focused on adding and supporting point solutions without clear and measurable business objectives.  This is fostered by value added resellers that represent products first and foremost, so their job is to justify why you need their product, rather than letting the business objectives and requirements drive the need.  For each product added, there is typically a cost of ownership added to support each solution, plus annual fees to maintain it.  Often the result is new focus on another technology to support without even addressing the real business need.

9op is different, we focus first on the business objectives first.  Products and solutions are often needed, but they should be planned and procured to meet the objectives first, taking into account how they meet the goals of the organization and how they effect ROI.  9op doesn't sell products directly so we can be objective and put your interests first.  With 20+ years of reseller experience, we know how to help you design the right solution, evaluate and recommend solutions, and help procure products at the best prices.

9op offers a wide variety of specialized services, ranging from new projects to improving or supporting existing solutions.  We have the knowledge and skills to not only help implement but enable our organization to function more effectively.

What Our Clients Say...

Quote9op helped me redesign and implement our infrastructure to reduce costs while improving performance and reliability for our core business.  They are my primary resource for guidance, and augment my staff as needed to handle any situation that may arise.

Tim Johns, CIO
Georgia Urology

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We will be creating some informational articles related to the industry that we hope you will find useful.