Technology Solutions

9op has extensive experience that can benefit your organization with consultants that have worked with hundreds of organizations, from small and midsized to Fortune 5 companies.  While some organizations need more comprehensive services, many engage us for special initiatives to augment internal resources that are staffed for typical operations and lack capacity or skills for special projects. 


·         Availability and Continuity Planning

·         Business Objectives Planning

·         Enterprise Architect

·         Infrastructure Optimization

·         IT Resource and Cost Optimization

·         Next Generation Architecture planning

·         Outsourcing and staff augmentation

·         Project Management and Execution

·         Security Assessment and Remediation

·         Shadow CIO

·         Strategic Planning

·         Virtualization

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Solutions By Industry

Many industries have special requirements beyond the baseline network.  These requirements are often driven by security requirements, distributed infrastructures, specialized applications, and many other needs.

9op can work with your organization to design the right solution, and follow though the acquisition and implementation phases for a successful project.

9op differs from your typical reseller that is first interested in what product is needed or can be added, but focuses on the business objectives and the most effective solution to meet that requirement.  We don't sell products directly so we can truly be neutral and act in your best interest.  We have many years of experience working with vendors and have many vendor relationships, so if products are needed we can help you evaluate to determine the best solution and help you acquire the products at the best price.